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Student Involvement

Undergraduate Medical Education

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Get involved, challenge yourself, engage with people who have different perspectives and connect with fellow students and faculty.  There are numerous ways to enhance your medical school experience through participation in student organizations, committee service, special programs, community service and leadership opportunities.  Student involvement is essential to the success of the Long School of Medicine and the broader UT Health San Antonio community.


Group of students

Special Interest Groups

There is a special interest group for nearly every group or area of interest. For a full list of special interest groups, visit the Student Life website for a full list of groups and activities. If you have an interest or group that is not listed, we have resources that can help you get it started. 



Leadership & Mentoring

Students leaders have a role in shaping the present and future of our medical school through student government and or service on standing committees and councils, like the Medical Student Council. Students also serve as peer mentors through Veritas, the student advising system.


Student seeing a patient during Frontera trip

Community Service and Outreach

Our students serve local communities in San Antonio and South Texas, as well as providing care to individuals around the world through programs sponsored by the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics.  Complete list of programs