Long School of Medicine

Medical Student Council

Undergraduate Medical Education

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

The Medical Student Council (MSC) was created in order to fulfill the following promises to the medical students of the UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine:​

UT Health Medical Students Council logo
  • To advocate for the interests of our medical school peers.
  • To form official opinions on behalf of the student body regarding administrative policies.
  • To accurately and independently represent the student body in its interactions with the University.
  • To promote communication, cooperation, and understanding between the students, faculty, and administration.

MSC Roster (updated March 2024)

MSC Bylaws (updated October 2023)


Medical Student Council Solidarity Fund

The Solidarity Fund aims to foster a sense of solidarity and community within the Long School of Medicine so all students are empowered with the knowledge they are not alone. Drew Anderson, Class of 2023.


The most recent initiative of the Medical Student Council is the MSC Solidarity Fund (MSCSF). the MSCSF provides financial assistance to students at the Long School of Medicine who encounter urgent and/or adverse life events that are impacting their academic and career progression in medical training. 

Apply HERE

Thank you in advance for your support of this fund, which will provide relief and assistance to students during difficult times DONATE HERE.