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Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

COVID-19 Visiting Student Guidance

Given the rapidly changing nature of the current COVID crisis, away electives may be canceled based on current conditions at LSOM, in San Antonio, and in Bexar County, or at the visiting student’s originating locality. These cancellations will be based on prevailing university guidelines, municipal regulations, and state mandates. A student entering the state from another may be required to quarantine for two weeks.

The Long School of Medicine (LSOM) accepts visiting students to complete fourth year elective rotations in San Antonio. Generally, these rotations are four weeks in length and are considered advanced electives. The Long School of Medicine is currently not accepting students from Non-Accredited (LCME or COCA) medical schools or International Medical Schools.

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Visiting Student Block Schedule (AY 22-23)
Block 1 July 4 - July 29 (2022)
Block 2 Aug 1 - Aug 26 (2022)
Block 3 Aug 29 - Sep 23 (2022)
Block 4 Sep 26 - Oct 21 (2022)
Block 5 Oct 24 - Nov 18 (2022)
Block 6 Nov 21 - Dec 16 (2022)
Block 7 Jan 2 - Jan 27 (2023)
Block 8 Jan 30 - Feb 24 (2023)
Block 9 Feb 27 - Mar 24 (2023)
Block 10 Mar 27 - Apr 21 (2023)
Block 11 Apr 24 - May 19 (2023)
Block 12 May 22 - Jun 16 (2023)

Policies & Procedures

LSOM Office for Undergraduate Medical Education will review visiting student applications through VSLO and forward only those that meet stated qualifications to clinical departments for academic review and processing. Communication about acceptance and additional details will come from the department where the elective is being offered. Department selections should be finalized four weeks prior to the start of an elective.

Students must complete proper immunizations prior to arrival at UT Health San Antonio - the AAMC Standardized Form can be used.

Application Process

Students from LCME accredited medical schools

Students attending schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) should apply through the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) program.

  1. Log into VSLO
  2. Search for Electives through VSLO   
  3. Use Institution Filter: UT Sch of Medicine San Antonio

Students from non-LCME accredited schools OR international schools

For Academic Year 2022-2023, the Long School of Medicine is not accepting students from Non-LCME Accredited and International Medical Schools.


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