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Veritas is UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine’s student advising system. This program is designed to provide medical students with a multi-layered system of support through academic, career, and personal guidance. Comprised of faculty and medical student peer advisors, Veritas advocates the professional development of each individual throughout their medical school journey, as well as the community of students as a whole.

Veritas is the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long’s peer mentoring organization. Its goal is to enhance the development of medical students by fostering close relationships, assisting with career decisions and accessing resources. It is a cohesive and interclass system in where each class of students mentors the students following them.

Incoming students become a part of one of 20 Veritas groups or “families.” The families are clustered into 5 Societies: Jones (Green), Holly (Red), McFee (Blue), Rockwood (Yellow), and Esterl (Purple) named after founding faculty. Each Veritas group is led by a clinical faculty member as well as fourth year medical students “Mentors in Medicine” (MiMs) and second year medical students “Veritas Peer Advisors” (VPAs). Medical students remain in their group for their medical school career.

Current Long School of Medicine students can log in to the Veritas Canvas site for a list of resources and more detailed information. Students may also contact the Veritas Director, Howard T. Wang, M.D., at wanght@uthscsa.edu

"Veritas has provided me with amazing mentors, friends, and opportunities that have enriched my medical school experience. It has made a journey that isn’t easy, much smoother and lots of fun too!" Giselle Castillo, MS2


Unique, overnight retreat experience to start medical school


Dynamic family groups who meet throughout the year


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