Long School of Medicine

Austin Todd

Undergraduate Medical Education

About me

My name is Austin Todd and I'm an MS1 in the MD/PhD program at UTHSCSA. I knew I wanted to go to medical school but got interested in research during undergrad and couldn’t decide between MD or PhD and knew I had to apply to dual degree programs as soon as I found out about it. My area of interest is imaging technologies, and their clinical applications. I am big into music, playing drums in the pit orchestra, jazz band and even a punk band. I’m really into anything sci-fi especially music/videogames. Happy to talk about anything relating to the application process, research, or MD/PhD specifically.


Music, videogames, science/research

Topics I feel comfortable talking about

Gap years, research, MD-PhD, moving cross country

What I hope to gain from this experience

To pay it forward and help applicants like those that gave me guidance previously.

How to contact me

Weekday afternoons, email preferred (austinwtodd@gmail.com)