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New Student Orientation for Class of 2028

Orientation week: July 22-26, 2024

Welcome Class of 2028!


Orientation Checklist

Review Orientation Week Schedule. You will receive the Orientation schedule on Monday, July 15 via email.


Veritas New Student Retreat. More information to come. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Check in at Pedrotti's Ranch is from 9:00 - 9:30 am.


Parking and ID Badges. Click here to schedule a time to have your photo ID taken and to pay for your parking pass. Non-permit parking will be allowed in Zone 4 for 7/19 ONLY.


Computer/Device Checks.  Laptop Student Bundles. You are required to have your devices checked by the Information Mgmt. Services (IMS) team. Bring all your devices to campus and ensure they are compatible with HSCwave. Device check locations include: ALTC 106, Dental building 4.421T, or Nursing SL262.


Student Services New Student Orientation (SSNSO). You will be automatically enrolled in the course "Student Orientation" via your Canvas Dashboard, on or before July 15. This course is mandatory for all incoming students. Please review the modules and complete the module quizzes. Failure to complete the course by the deadline, will result in a registration hold on your record. Questions regarding SSNSO course, please contact the Office of Student Life at studentlife@uthscsa.edu. 

July 26

Clinical Skills Equipment
Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope (or equivalent) is required.  Optional tools are listed below.  You can obtain these tools from various vendors; The Medical Store has traditionally provided a discounted equipment package for our students. Click here for order form and Medical Store flyer.


  • Diagnostic Otoscope
  • Standard Ophthalmoscope
  • C-Cell Battery Operated Handle
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • C-128 Tuning Fork (required MS 3 year)
  • C-512 Tuning Fork
  • Penlight (required MS 3 year)
  • Reflex Hammer (required MS 3 year - adult Babinski, telescoping Babinski, Buck Neuro, Dejerine, Tromner)

Order by June 27 if ordering from Medical Store. You are not required to order from Medical Store. 

Language of Medicine (Anatomy) Equipment

Lab attire: You may consider purchasing 1-2 sets of inexpensive scrubs to wear in lab.  Scrubs are not required for lab and an old pair of pants and shirt are fine. When available, some students choose to use the laundry / scrub services at University Hospital (UH) – which requires a UH ID badge and scrub privilege activation. Closed toe-shoes are required.  Eye protection (safety glasses / eyewear) and face masks are strongly recommended. Plastic aprons are optional. 

Dissection kit: Each student should have a dissection kit. You may consider purchasing a dissection kit from many available online sellers. Each student should have at least two good quality stainless steel dressing (thumb) forceps (without teeth), a number 4 scalpel handle with a supply of number 21 or number 22 blades, and a pair of dissection grade stainless steel operating scissors preferably with one blunt and one sharp tip.  Each student should also have two fine forceps, a small pair of scissors, and a small hemostat. Tissue forceps (with teeth, skin forceps) are specifically not recommended except for skin reflection.  Cheap scissors, defective forceps, and otherwise inadequate instruments are the cause of a great deal of frustration and wasted time.

Gloves: Gloves are required for lab. We recommend each student purchase a box of gloves (nitrile or other higher quality gloves are recommended) from online or local sellers.

Atlas: Each Tank team is provided a lab copy of the Netter atlas.  You do not need to purchase one for lab.

Each tank Team (4 students) will require one combination lock for their lab drawer.