Long School of Medicine

Emily Heydemann

About me

I'm a non-traditional student who worked in the mental health field as an addiction counselor and then as a social worker before transitioning to medical school. I chose Long SOM because I appreciated the diversity of the student body, the collaborative environment, and the friendliness of faculty and students. Topics that interest me include: De-stigmatizing mental health conditions, decreasing physician/med student burnout, expanding affordable healthcare, and medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders.


Reading, crossword puzzles, walking my dog, cooking, reality TV, naps

Topics I feel comfortable talking about

Non-trad, being an older student in medical school, non pre-med/liberal arts background

What I hope to gain from this experience

I would like to encourage more non-traditional students of various backgrounds to attend our school because I think it lends an interesting perspective to the class.

How to contact me

Email (heydemann@livemail.uthscsa.edu)