Long School of Medicine

Maaz Ahmed

About me

I was born in Mumbai and moved around quite a bit before settling in Houston, where I completed high school and undergrad. I took a gap year between finishing undergrad and starting med school during which I did research.


Hiking, kayaking, bouldering, video games, swimming, laying in the bed watching tv eating junk food and clogging my arteries.

Topics I feel comfortable talking about

I took a gap year, I wasn’t a U.S. citizen when I applied but I had a green card, and I didn’t get in to medical school the first time I applied. I’m currently married to someone who will be attending medical school in a different city.

What I hope to gain from this experience

I’d like to help applicants get the kind of advice that I didn’t have when applying through this complex and confusing process.

How to contact me

Email (ahmedm1@livemail.uthscsa.edu)