Long School of Medicine

Welcome Message

Dear Future Doctor,

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the Long School of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. You have been selected from a very large applicant pool for your enthusiasm, compassion, dedication, and academic achievements. You bring a wealth of diverse experiences,
talents, and dreams to our school and we couldn’t be more excited about getting to know you. 

Today, you will be surrounded by incredibly bright, gifted, and interesting people, so get to know them! Our community in San Antonio is diverse in every aspect. There are many opportunities for extracurricular experiences, including membership in student organizations, research opportunities, caring for people in a student-run freeclinic, and much, much more! We want to ELIMINATE any anxiety, so just be calm and be yourself as you visit with your interviewers.  We just want to get to know you!

The Faculty interviewers have all of your application materials, and the Senior Student Interviewers have your essays and activities.  These are two, thirty-minute encounters, and they should be FUN and CONVERSATIONAL!

Our Admissions and Outreach Team is here to make sure you have a great experience and to assist you with any questions along the way. May your time with us today be stimulating, enjoyable, and gratifying. We are alldelighted that you are visiting the Long School of Medicine.

Congratulations and welcome!


Dr. Judianne Kellaway
Dr. Judianne Kellaway image

Judianne Kellaway, MD, MEd, FACS
Associate Dean for Admissions & Outreach
Professor of Ophthalmology

Belinda Gonzalez, MPA
Director of Admissions & Special Programs

Sylvia Ramos
Administrative Associate – Senior