Long School of Medicine

Joshua Carrasco

About me

Hi, I'm Josh. I am a non-traditional first-year medical student. I always knew that I wanted to go into medicine. I also always wanted to pursue education and for a long time I felt like those two things were mutually exclusive but over my four gap-years, I was able to understand the synergism between education and medicine. I am currently pursuing a dual MD/MPH degree to further understand how I can use my inclination for science, math, research, and education to collaborate with traditionally marginalized communities to help promote health education and disease prevention. My passion for social, educational, and health justice has fueled my drive to pursue my dreams of becoming a physician for as long as I can remember. Since beginning medical school, I have become involved in student advocacy and was able to travel to D.C. to personally advocate for several policy changes; the coordination of UTHSCSA's student-run free clinics, specifically the PRIDE Community Clinic; and student organizations like PRIDE Org, Student National Medical Association (SNMA), and Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA).


Cooking (and eating!), education, volunteering, being physically active/physical competition, music, advocacy, dancing, singing, chilling with friends, horror movies!

Topics I feel comfortable talking about

Gap Year, Retaking MCAT (>2 times), First Gen Med Student, Non-trad (4 years out of school), LGBTQ intersectionality, MD/MPH dual degree program, Balling on a budget ($$),

What I hope to gain from this experience

I'd just like to help out other students looking to achieve their dreams of being a physician and make connections with students who are interested in investing time into bettering themselves.

How to contact me

Email: Carrascoj1@livemail.uthscsa.edu - anytime