Our dual degree program offers a MSAI degree through in-person coursework at UTSA and transferable credit for artificial intelligence related components from the Long School of Medicine curriculum electives.

How to apply:

Since this is a dual degree program, you will need to apply first to the UT Health San Antonio Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine (MD) and gain acceptance.  Then as a medical student, you will apply to the MSAI program at UTSA. You must meet the admissions requirements for each degree as outlined by the specific schools.

Our MD/MSAI Program has only one-track for completion within five-years. Please see the below graphic for a timeline when you’ll be taking coursework in each of the degrees.

A graphic representation of the MDMSAI timeline 5 year track.

Tuition and Fees

For information on how to pay for your education, please click each of the links below.


First MD/MSAI dual degree program in country

Started in 2023


Total Students in Program

Class of 2024: 2

Class of 2025: 1

I believe the future of health care will require a physician to navigate the technical and clinical sides of medicine. While in the program, the experience opened my mind to the many possibilities of bridging the two fields. I look forward to using my dual degree, so that I can contribute to finding solutions to tomorrow’s medical challenges.

Aaron Fanous
MD/MSAI Candidate
Class of 2024