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Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

The Long-CO (Long School of Medicine COVID-19 Medical Student Response Team) Evidence-based Medicine Team is composed of medical students and faculty advisors. The medical students formed four sub teams: Epidemiology, Diagnostics, Clinical Presentation, and Treatment to review current literature and create executive summaries and information sheets summarizing the literature for use by clinicians throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Student co-leaders: Cynthia Jiang and Noah Hodson


  • General population
  • Marginalized population
  • Medically at-risk population
  • Masks
  • Transmission

Medical Students: Current Team Leader - Phat Do (MS1); Team members - Chase Ballard (MS3), Alexis Lorio (MS1), Omar Akram (MS4), Dhyan Dave (MS1).

Faculty Advisor: Jason Rosenfeld, DrPH, MPH, Assistant Director of Global Health, Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics and Assistant Professor of Medicine-Research.

Resources Developed:


  • Who to test
  • PCR
  • Serology
  • Status of Texas & US Testing
  • Key populations

Medical Students: Current Team Leader - Sarah El-Agha (MS2); Team members - Anna Tomotaki (MS2), Rebecca Wang (MS2), Hannah Cook (MS2), Bahar Momin (MS1), Meghana Koleti (MS4), Kristin Park (MS2).

Faculty Advisor: Barbara Taylor, MD, MS, Assistant Dean of MD/MPH Program, Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine.

Resources Developed:

Clinical Presentation

  • Typical presentation
  • Key groups for atypical presentation
  • Risk factors for severe disease, morbidity and mortality
  • Common complications

Medical Students: Current Team Leader - Ashley Andrew (MS2); Team members - Noah Hodson (MS4), Cynthia Jiang (MS4), Salma Yazji (MS3), Vishal Rajesh (MS2), Basmah Barkatullah (MS2), Aditi Sharma (MS4), Sijil Patel (MS4).

Faculty Advisor: Philip Ponce, MD, Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease, Department of Medicine.

Resources Developed:


  • Supportive care
  • Direct-acting agents

Medical Students: Current Team Leaders - Keerthi Thallapureddy (MS4) and Derrick Draeger (MS2); Team members - Roma Ahuja (MS2), Theodora Winter (MS2), Aditi Sharma (MS4), Jeffrey Xia (MS4), Sabi Shresta (MS4), Christopher Worrell (MS2), and Dalton Jones (MS1).

Faculty Advisors: Kristi Traugott, PharmD, BCPS, BCIDP, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Infectious Disease and Elizabeth Hand, PharmD, BCIDP, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Infectious Disease.

Resources Developed:

Archived Executive Summaries



Clinical Presentation: