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A Podcast from The Wellness Home

The Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine Office for Graduate Medical Education is proud to bring you Ripples: Physician Well-Being, a podcast from The Wellness Home.

Co-hosts Adriana Dyurich, PhD, LPC and Veena Prasad, PhD, MBA, LPC will invite UT Health San Antonio faculty as guests to share their own experiences, provide tips for overall wellness, and create a safe space to discuss coping with stressors.

Compassion in health care is more than empathy for patients – it’s also about YOU. This season, our co-hosts will unfold the multiple facets of compassion and the benefits gained when lending yourself a little more grace.

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Episode 3.03: Emotional Intelligence

Specializing in treating chronic stress and anxiety, psychologist and adjunct faculty at UT Health San Antonio, Dr. Lindsay Bira explains the importance of fostering emotional awareness to benefit our daily interactions and long-term health. We talk through feelings of guilt, regret, and shame and connect our reactive behaviors to the emotions we feel. In this episode she touches upon the use of tethers or practices that help guide or extricate us from maladaptive thinking or behaviors. The pebble she leaves us with is an example of one type of tether.