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Living in San Antonio

San Antonio offers a wonderful array of attractions to fill your days and nights with entertainment, exploration, education, and just plain fun! The top tourist destination in the state of Texas, San Antonio offers something for everyone. Bestplaces.net rated San Antonio 91.3 out of 100**. The city’s affordability is apparent when you compare the cost of living in San Antonio to other cities in Texas and nationally.

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Cost of Living ComparisonSan AntonioAustinDallasHouston
Average Rent$1,290$1,753$1,575$1,348
Cost of living index**91.3129.410195.5

*Salary required to maintain an equivalent standard of living
**100 = National Average (Below 100 means cheaper than the US average. Above 100 means more expensive.)

Medical Benefits begin on the first day of employment and all other benefits begin on the contract start date.

House Staff Manual

House Staff Benefits Guide

Looking to view more about our residents and fellows living in San Antonio? View our New Resident and Fellow Guidebook for 2024! 


Stipends (*effective as of July 1, 2023)

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Post Level2022-2023 Annual SalaryNew Projected Annual Salary for 2024Orientation Pay June 2024
PGY-I$59,178.04$65,589.00    $3,027.84

*Orientation Pay subject to attendance and eligibility criteria.

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Compensation and Benefits



PGY-1 year - 15 days paid leave; cannot be carried over. There are no exceptions to this rule.

PGY-2 year and above - 15 days paid leave; cannot be carried over except as determined by program and Professional Staff Services.

Sick Leave

All years - 10 working days paid leave per academic year; cannot be carried over except as determined by program and Professional Staff Services.

Parental, Medical and Caregiver Leave

Over the course of an entire residency, House Staff participating in an ACGME program are provided the opportunity, beginning the first day they are required to report, to a one-time, six-week term of paid leave for approved parental, medical, or caregiver purposes which will be utilized in conjunction with any sick or vacation leave. While such paid leave is limited to six weeks, House Staff may be eligible for additional, unpaid leave for parental, medical, or caregiver under FMLA or other unpaid leave policies. House Staff will remain eligible for any available health or disability insurance benefits during a Parental/Medical/Caregiver LOA.

For more information, see the GME Policy on Parental, Medical, and Caregiver Leave.

House Staff Manual Policy on Parental, Medical, and Caregiver Leave.


  • Major Medical Insurance: shared cost
  • Major Medical Insurance for Dependents: shared cost
  • Group Life Insurance: paid by the institution
  • Dependent Term Life Insurance: participant paid
  • Dental Insurance: participant paid
  • Disability Insurance: paid by the institution
  • Flex Accounts - Hlth & Dep: participant paid
  • 457 Deferred Comp Plan: participant paid
  • Professional Medical Liability Benefit Plan Handbook

Children's Health Services - Care.com

For all residents with children, please view the locations for pediatric clinics in San Antonio.

Get more information on pediatric urgent care

Counseling and Psychological Support Services Employee Assistant Program (EAP)

For more information on employee assistance programs regarding psychological support and counseling, please view the flyer.