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Meet the Behavioral Health Counselor Dr. Veena Prasad

Graduate Medical Education

Veena Prasad, PhD, LPC

What is the importance of utilizing a Wellness Program, especially in the time of a pandemic?

Our residents have been through a lot in these past few months. We need to be proactive to prevent burnout and we also need to remove the stigma of “do I need time for myself?” Some residents feel guilty to take 30 minutes of personal time to replenish what they’ve given out. In this time of a pandemic, the Wellness Program provides support to address the trauma residents have experienced so they can process emotions.

What are some Wellness Program benefits residents can take advantage of for self-care?

The Wellness Program occupies three behavioral health counselors to provide counseling to our residents through various channels. Our goal is to support every resident’s Domains of Wellness and provide them with easily accessible resources to practice self-care. All matters discussed with the Wellness Program is kept completely confidential and is not reported in the Epic System.

Residents can request an appointment with a behavioral health counselor during work hours, after work hours, or some timeframes on the weekends. If he or she is uncomfortable with a face-to-face appointment, tele-counseling is available to accommodate. Our counselors are here to listen and provide tools to increase well-being. After the initial meet, we will follow up with residents to ensure their well-being receives continuous support.

Additionally, there is an anonymous method to reach the Wellness Program. Occasionally, we send emails containing an Interactive Screening Program survey. When a resident reaches out from that survey, you are sending an anonymous inquiry for counseling support. We will respond with specific wellness resources for your individual needs, and we will never know who you are.

How can residents learn more about the Wellness Program and its resources?

Residents can visit the Work-Life Wellness webpage to find a list of lifelines readily accessible for residents to take advantage of. There are also full descriptions of concerns which can be addressed with the Wellness Program such as test anxiety.

Another great resource that can be accessed on the Wellness Programs website is a guidebook which promotes well-being during the time of a pandemic and discusses strategies to practice for coping.
A resident can also take a self-assessment test to determine if stress, depression, or burnout is actively affecting their day-to-day living.

8 Domains of Wellness, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, Occupatonal, Intellectual, Psychological

In your role with the Wellness Program, what are some goals you are prioritizing for 2021?

My interest for the Wellness Program is to look at the Domains of Wellness and enhance residents’ functioning across all domains to work optimally and therefore offset the stress and burnout. I am also interested in starting a maternal support group to physician mothers and expecting mothers going who may be experiencing overload, burnout, and more.


For more information on the Work-Life Wellness program and additional resources available for residents and fellows, visit the Work-Life Wellness page.