Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Neuroscience Alumni and Career Opportunities

GSBS Alumni group photo

The Neuroscience discipline of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Program has an 89% completion rate to degree, with an average time to degree of about 5.2 years. After graduation, nearly all of our trainees obtain high-quality, research-intensive post-doctoral positions at major research universities. Of 25 graduates in the past 10 years, 20 obtained post-docs at universities such as Emory, Harvard, LSU, Pitt, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Utah, UC Davis, Colorado, USAISR, etc.) and 3 who were M.D./Ph.D. students entered residency.

After completing their post-doc, our graduates have many options, including becoming a lab director/PI at an academic institution, pharmaceutical or biotech company, or government research facility (e.g., NIH).  Other career paths include university teaching, academic administration, patent law, scientific publishing, government work in science policy, and management in businesses related to scientific or medical products.

Neuroscience Alumni