A discipline of Ph.D. in Integrated Biomedical Sciences

The Neuroscience discipline offers training in molecular, cellular, systems, and behavioral brain research; a robust curriculum; and numerous enrichment and professional development opportunities. Students present at scientific meetings, publish in high impact journals, and are competitive for fellowships. There is also an NIH-funded T32 training grant in neuroscience. Our graduates have a strong record of placement in outstanding post-doctoral and other professional positions.

Important Dates

Priority Application Deadline
Final Application Deadline

Contact us

For information on the Neuroscience Discipline, please contact:
David Morilak, Ph.D., Director
Alexandra Soward, Neuroscience Discipline Coordinator
For information on the IBMS Ph.D Program, please contact:
Michael Berton, Ph.D., IBMS Program Director
Donna Navarro, MS, IBMS Assistant Director


  • Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree and relevant advance coursework
  • GPA no lower than 3.0
  • Submit transcripts to Office of the Registrar

Tuition and fees

Students receive a stipend of $35,000. Tuition, fees, and basic student health insurance are covered by the program.
Elizabeth Fucich, Class of 2017

My proposed research specifically interests me in that I can investigate how stress impairs the way you think and how behavioral therapy fixes that, using cutting edge techniques.

Elizabeth Fucich, Class of 2017