Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Medicine Research

Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Medicine Research

The strength of the Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Medicine (CGM) program is its diversity and focus on the molecular mechanisms underlying human disease. CGM faculty are performing state-of-the-art research employing complementary model systems including humans, mice, zebrafish, flies, worms, and yeast. 

Cell Biology, Genetics, and Molecular Medicine Research Themes: 

  • Cancer Biology and Tumorigenesis 
  • Cancer Prevention 
  • Microbes and Pathogenesis 
  • DNA Repair & Mutagenesis 
  • Genetics, Epigenetics, and Genomics 
  • Molecular Biology of Aging and Age-Related Disorders 
  • Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration 
  • Stem Cells and Developmental Biology 
  • Metabolic Disease, Obesity, and Diabetes 
  • Personalized and Precision Medicine 
  • Computational and Systems Biology
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UT Health San Antonio Institutes and Centers

UT Health San Antonio operates centers and institutes within nine organized research units, as well as institutes and centers such as our NCI-designated Mays Cancer Center.

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Core Facilities

The core facilities provide researchers with access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and consultation, including access to advanced research technologies.

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