Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Cancer Biology Academics

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To gain an integrated, multidisciplinary understanding of cancer biology, our students take courses in advanced cell biology, advanced molecular biology and experimental design and data analysis in the spring semester of the first year prior to taking our discipline core courses and scientific writing in the fall semester of the second year. The discipline core courses provide insight into the clinical presentation of cancer and the cellular and molecular processes involved in cancer biology. Molecular aspects covered include oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, apoptosis, control of cell cycle regulation, and control of cellular growth and proliferation.

Clinical aspects covered include progression, standard of care, molecular alterations that drive recent diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, basic experimental methods, mouse models, ex vivo systems, molecular profiling, development of novel therapeutics and clinical trials. Enrichment presentations, including lectures, visits to labs and attendance at conferences, reinforce the didactic components of the core courses. In our preceptorial course, students lead team-based discussions to disseminate knowledge from advanced courses. Cancer Biology students take at least 2 semester credit hours (SCH) of advanced elective courses to tailor their plans of study to their specific interests.

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