Biology of Aging

A discipline of Ph.D. in Integrated Biomedical Sciences

The Biology of Aging discipline offers rigorous training in molecular, cellular, and physiological geroscience.  The research faculty of the Barshop Institute comprises one of the largest number of mentors for training in basic mechanisms as well as diseases of aging.


  • Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree and relevant advance coursework
  • GPA no lower than 3.0
  • Submit transcripts to Office of the Registrar

Tuition and fees

Students receive a stipend of $35,000. Tuition, fees, and basic student health insurance are covered by the program.


The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is proud to partner with the Texas Higher Education Board in helping students develop and build on skills employers value and seek out in job candidates.

Career Opportunities and Marketable Skills

Brian Stoveken, 6th year student

I was attracted to the work being done in at the Barshop Institute because their faculty were using powerful techniques to interrogate the prominent (some might say dogmatic) oxidative stress theory of aging.

Brian Stoveken, 6th year student