The interdisciplinary nature of public health as a discipline and science enables graduates to pursue diverse opportunities in an array of professional settings including the public sector, non-profit and community-based organizations, academia, and the private sector. Past, current, and future job projections indicate the demand for individuals trained in public health exceeds the current workforce. An analysis of job postings before and during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated a considerable, diverse, and escalating demand for graduates with public health skills and expertise. This unmet and burgeoning high demand for skilled professionals in the public health job market underscores the importance of training and developing highly qualified graduates, and the UT School of Public Health San Antonio is well-positioned to help meet this need. 


Below is a list of just some of the many career opportunities available to School of Public Health graduates upon graduation.


Careers in Environmental and Occupational Health

Careers in Environmental and Occupational Health ensure the safety of workplaces and the environment surrounding South Texans. Public health professionals contribute to the betterment of infrastructure in the community, the implementation of effective interventions in workplaces, and the promotion of safety in the community’s environment.


Careers in Health, Behavior, and Society

Careers in the Health, Behavior, and Society realms of public health emphasize health equity and addressing health disparities in South Texas and San Antonio. They contribute to the understanding of structural and social determinants of health, the implementation of effective interventions, and the promotion of health communication in diverse communities.


Careers in Health Policy and Health Services Administration

Careers in Health Policy and Health Services Administration align with a diverse range of issues and priorities, including addressing healthcare disparities, health economics, global health, and the unique needs of specific populations, such as women, children, and Hispanic communities. Professionals in these roles contribute to improving healthcare systems and policies to better serve diverse populations.


Careers in Quantitative and Qualitative Health Sciences

These careers align with the curriculum and research focus of the Quantitative and Qualitative Health Sciences department, emphasizing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and addressing health issues specific to South Texas, San Antonio, and Hispanic populations. Professionals in these roles contribute to advancing public health knowledge and practice through rigorous research and analysis.