The academic programs at UT School of Public Health San Antonio will leverage the methods-to-research-to-practice and service continuum to conduct transdisciplinary, intersectional, multi-sectoral research prioritizing equity and diversity in the process. They will identify and advocate for new resources for future infrastructure needs and evaluate, plan and expand the necessary equipment, organizational structures, faculty and staff to enable excellence in public health research. Program curriculum will emphasize experiential learning opportunities, offering the advantages of active engagement and hands-on experience with school and community partners.

Through its coursework, the School of Public Health will provide a unique curriculum by integrating advanced health research, collaborating on new academic programs to serve a diverse population and building public health leaders who understand and are dedicated to finding positive interventions to mitigate our greatest public health challenges. A Master of Public Health degree is to be offered beginning in 2024 and plans for a Doctor of Public Health degree program are underway.

Departments of Study: