School of Nursing

Peer Assisted Learning Sessions

Diverse School of Nursing students conversing while sitting together at a laptop computer

Peer Assisted Learning Sessions increase student academic success in challenging courses in a collaborative and active peer learning environment.

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Sessions are interactive learning opportunities offered to BSN students at the UT Health School of Nursing. PAL Sessions are offered to provide assistance with historically difficult nursing school courses. Students who attend will engage in collaborative learning activities and discussions that reinforce classroom content in a group setting, with peers from the same course and section.

PAL Sessions are facilitated by current students who have shown mastery in the course they are facilitating, and leaders are trained to assist students in the recall of information, analysis of course material, and creation of new learning materials. PAL Sessions are scheduled on a regular basis and allow attendees the opportunity to acquire test-taking tips, develop organizational tools, compare notes, and learn how to study strategically.

For more information on the PALS program, please contact the School of Nursing Student Success Center at