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Undergraduate Research Experience

Molding next-generation scientists and researchers is a task that the faculty in the School of Nursing take very seriously and thoroughly enjoy. The School of Nursing offers a variety of ways to engage undergraduates seeking research experiences in basic science to applied delivery systems research. The SON offers either year-round, semester or summer focused research-intensive experiences for hands-on, discovery-rich, creative and interdisciplinary research experiences. Trainees will be paired one on one with a mentor with an established line of research. Students are encouraged to contact the investigator they would like to work with to inquire about research experience opportunities. Investigator profiles can be found by searching the faculty directory.

Summer Undergraduate Nursing Research ImmerSion Experience (SUNRISE)

SUNRISE provides opportunities for eligible, 5th semester, undergraduate nursing students that start in the Spring semester to participate in two, 8-week summer research experiences mentored by faculty members from the School of Nursing. Enrollment into the SUNRISE program will be done through a competitive application and interview of 5th-semester undergraduate nursing students enrolled full-time in the traditional track of the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio BSN Program. A two-summer commitment is required of students to take full advantage of the SUNRISE program. Students are mentored by full-time, PhD-level faculty members from the School of Nursing that have a strong program of research. Students accepted into the SUNRISE program will be provided a stipend.

Applications for SUNRISE will open in January of each year. Download SUNRISE Application

Selection Criteria:

  • Competitive application process
  • Interview with SUNRISE Director and mentors
  • Likelihood for success
  • Status representative of nursing school population
  • GPA


  • Apprenticeship model
  • Observe mentor's┬áresearch program, learn data collection, lab techniques, attend PI's lab meetings
  • Journal Club/Journaling Experiences
  • Poster presentation at conference


  • Principal investigator, graduate students, peers
  • Guidance from the Director of SUNRISE, Office of Admissions and Student Success, Student Success Center
  • Exit interview to improve the SUNRISE program

Aside from conducting cutting edge research, students engaged in the SUNRISE program will be given the opportunity to represent the School of Nursing at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio through various venues, including, campus visits, advocacy programs, and at conference presentations.

Current SUNRISE Scholars

SUNRISE Scholars Visit | UCSF School of Nursing


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