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Graduate Medical Education

Residents and Fellows

Please use our online self-screening instrument if you think you might be experiencing depression, burnout, anxiety, suicidal ideation or a situation that proves to be difficult. The screening is voluntary and completely anonymous.

For Questions or Assistance:

Reach out to the GME Wellness Team by completing this form.

Phone (210) 450-8734
Email gmewellness@uthscsa.edu

Or you can reach out to one of our Wellness Counselors

Adriana Dyurich, PhD, LPC

Veena Prasad, PhD, MBA, LPC

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can take this Self-Assessment?

This Self-Assessment tool and related wellness services are intended ONLY for residents, fellows, and faculty members at UT Health San Antonio.

How long does it take to complete the Self-Assessment?

After signing up and creating a user ID/password, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

What Happens After I Take the Assessment?

After reviewing your questionnaire, a counselor will post a personal response to you on this secure website. The response will include information, recommendations, and options for next steps.

You decide what's next. You'll have the option of communicating with the counselor through this website, on the phone or in person. Or, you can decide to do nothing further at this time.

It's up to you. No follow-up services will be provided unless requested.