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Traditional In-person Point-of-care
Ultrasound Workshop Reviews


"Overall take on the class to be honest it was perfect. Dr. Soni is such an amazing teacher and speaker. Definitely kept my attention in addition to all the other speakers. The ratios on the hands-on part of the class were fantastic. It gave us the opportunity to practice and go through different stations with different MDs and learn techniques from different perspectives. In addition, the wide array of specialties that the instructors had was phenomenal. It was definitely such a blessing to have been a part of this course and look forward to expanding my skills to be better for my community. Again, thank you for all the help and for everyone who organized this class. Thank you so much for the opportunity and such an amazing course." -  2023 Course Attendee - Marlen Rangel, NP

"Despite the largest course I've been to, it had the best faculty:student ratio in the hands-on section (most valuable learning portion). It makes a big difference to have only 2 learners per instructor rather than 3. The instructors also seemed to challenge us more (in a positive way) than other courses. It was nice to have instructors from a variety of backgrounds. I also appreciate the dedicated free-scan time for portfolio images. If there was another half day or day of this with more SPs I would have paid extra to come, especially if faculty were there. The food was also likely the highest quality of other conferences I've been to recently." -  2023 Course Attendee - Rebecca Boyle, PA

"I think the conference was amazing, very well organized, great lectures, ample hands on experience, extremely helpful teachers, all in all a wonderful experience! Kudos to Dr. Soni and his team! Thank you so much!" -  2022 Course Attendee

"This ultrasound conference is light years ahead of all others! The speakers are phenomenal, and Dr. Soni’s book is a masterpiece! This workshop has given me confidence to perform POCUS modalities which I never thought that I would apply into daily clinic use, such as heart and lung scanning. Due to the plethora of knowledge I believe this should be extended into a 3 day course to give the speakers even more time to present. This is my second time to attend and I plan to attend again! Thanks for another awesome experience." – 2022 Course Attendee

"I think the conference was amazing, very well organized, great lectures, ample hands on experience, extremely helpful teachers, all in all a wonderful experience! Kudos to Dr. Soni and his team! Thank you so much" –  2022 Course Attendee

"One of the best workshops I've ever attended. very engaging and relevant. I would certainly recommend it other physicians and midlevels." – 2021 Course Attendee

"Although I had some experience coming in, I was able to fill in the gaps and formalize my knowledge, as well as get extensive hands on practice with excellent guidance." – 2021 Course Attendee

"I had minimal POCUS knowledge/experience. The main things I wanted to take home from the workshop were cardiac and lung ultrasound and I got so much more out of it." – 2019 Course Attendee

"Very educational. I feel more confident with ultrasound. I feel I can now go practice on patients and get better with technique." – 2019 Course Attendee

"I will strongly recommend POCUS workshop to other colleagues. A game-changer for me." – 2019 Course Attendee

"This was extremely informative with excellent instructors who were patient and willing to share useful clinical pearls that can be put into practice immediately. Great experience!" – 2018 Course Attendee

"The entire course was very educational. While still improving my skills with POCUS the knowledge gained in all hands-on procedures was beneficial and will plan to implement them into my current clinical practice." – 2018 Course Attendee

"Excellent faculty - top-notch faculty from around the country" – 2018 Course Attendee

"The entire group was exceptional-forthcoming with tips to get a better image & willing to answer questions at any juncture. Very pleased with the number of Lecturers & trainers-making it very easy for everyone to have an opportunity to practice/learn"– 2018 Course Attendee

"I thoroughly enjoyed both the lecture sessions and the hands-on expertise from the POCUS workshop providers. It was a great experience and well worth the time and effort!"– 2018 Course Attendee

"This is an excellent course which was very well organized! The depth of knowledge of ultrasound exhibited by Dr. Soni and the faculty was impressive. I learned new applications of ultrasound for evaluation of the thorax, specifically for detection of pneumothorax and interstitial edema and enhanced my knowledge of characterization of pleural and parenchymal lung disease with ultrasound." – 2016 Course Attendee

"I found this to be a very well-organized course and material. I would recommend this to other colleagues." – 2016 Course Attendee

"I felt the workshop was very educational and informative. Essentially, it gave me the fundamental skills and insight to use bedside US in the evaluation of all new and decompensating patients in the ICU." – 2016 Course Attendee

"An excellent course. Good review of the FAST, EFAST, and cardiac pathologies. Paracenthesis, thoracenthesis, LP, DVT, IVC, aorta, new and very helpful." – 2015 Course Attendee

"I hope to use the US as a bedside tool for general primary care. The session was highly educational." – 2014 Course Attendee

"Learned practical skills to enhance and accelerate clinical decision making in the day to day practice of EM" – 2014 Course Attendee

"I learned the ease with which different pathology could be detected and the results used to improve patient care." –2014 Course Attendee

Virtual Point-of-care Ultrasound Workshop Reviews

Virtual ultrasound class

"LOTS more time to learn, and the time to digest and use the material in-between made it a much better experience." - 2020 Virtual Course Participant

"Virtual format was great because it allowed for more trial and error, practice between sessions, one on one interactions"2020 Virtual Course Participant

"Ability to expedite POCUS learning without travel from our remote area of Alaska." 2020 Virtual Course Participant

"Easier as it did not include travel or the expense and experience was very similar."2020 Virtual Course Participant

Summary of Virtual Course Evaluations from Learners

Course participants of the virtual POCUS CME workshop completed a course evaluation assessing the virtual course format, and results are displayed on a 5-point scale (1=low agreement or "Not at all"; 5=high agreement or "Excellent").


Virtual Lectures


How effective would you rate the virtual lectures?


Virtual Scanning Sessions


How would you rate the effectiveness of the teleultrasound software used?


The technological set-up for the virtual hands on sessions worked better than I had anticipated.


By the end of the course, I felt comfortable participating in a virtual hands-on scanning sessions. 


Course Administration


This virtual course was spread out over weeks. How do you feel about the duration of the course? 


I would recommend this course to a friend or colleague.


Overall, did you feel that the virtual course met your expectations? 


Based on your experience, would you participate in another virtual point-of-care ultrasound course?



Comparison of Virtual vs. In-person POCUS Workshops

Course Objectives




Fundamental principles of ultrasound technology and basic operation of a portable ultrasound machine.



Techniques to perform focused diagnostic ultrasound examinations at the bedside, including imaging of the heart, lungs, abdomen, and lower extremity veins.



Techniques to guide the performance of bedside procedures with ultrasound guidance, including central venous catheterization, thoracentesis, paracentesis, and lumbar puncture.



Indications, basic protocols, and limitations of bedside ultrasound imaging.



Practice interpretation of normal and abnormal ultrasound images.



Mentored scanning with experienced faculty to learn hands-on imaging techniques.