Institutional Core Labs

The institutional core labs provide researchers with access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and consultation, including access to advanced research technologies. Detailed information on equipment and fees is available in the iLab portal or contact the Institutional Core Labs Director, Dr. Ramiro Ramirez-Solis at for any questions.

Bioanalytics & Single-cell

Provides standardized, high-quality services to support translational research, including pre-analytical biospecimen single-cell processing and isolation procedures, as well as analytical technologies.  
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Biospecimen and Translational Genomics

The Biospecimen and Translational Genomics Core provides services in the areas of collection and banking of biological specimens, including assistance with regulatory document preparation and consenting, tissue processing for histology, DNA and RNA isolation from biological specimens with integrity analysis, SNP genotyping (high throughput and single) and absolute and relative quantification of RNA expression. The core also provides access to a BioRad real-time PCR system, BioRad droplet digital PCR system and Leica Aperio Versa 200 digital slide scanning system.
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Flow Cytometry

High-speed cell sorting of up to 4 subpopulations simultaneously, plate sorting of single-cell per well or desired number of cells per well, and multi-parameter (low to high) flow cytometry analysis for cellular profiling and deep immunophenotyping. 
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Mass Spectrometry

Services include molecular mass determination, protein identification, global/discovery proteomics (identification and relative quantification), interactomics, identification of sites of protein modification, and targeted small molecule analysis, all using HPLC-electrospray ionization mass spectrometers with high mass resolution and accuracy.
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Optical Imaging

Acquisition and analysis of optical data and imaging of living cells, tissues, and animals. 
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Structural Biology

Advanced, high-field NMR instrumentation and detailed 3-D x-ray crystallography analyses for structural studies of biological macromolecules.
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News & Events

BASiC Core Seminar. “Advances in Spatial Biology with Tissue-Wide Whole-Slide Imaging and Single-Cell Resolution.".   May 7th, 2024, at 11:00 AM. STRF 1.102 Boardroom

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