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Our partners often know us better than we know ourselves and support us no matter what. A medical student’s decision to enter medical school was likely a joint decision for the couple. We recognize that being a part of the medical school journey may take some adjustment for spouses and partners as well, and we are here to support you!

  • Change up date night and incorporate ways to work out together, go grocery shopping, or anything that can help save time while enjoying each other’s company.
  • Get to know your partner’s classmates and their families. Building friendships with others that share your same experiences help develop strong support systems.
  • Be patient. Medical students can experience a lot of stress, particularly during exam times. Do not take it personal if they are short-tempered or irritable. Offer your love and support and be flexible during these times.
  • Encourage open and honest communication. Medical school is important, but your relationship is just as important, if not more. Be honest if something is bothering you or you are feeling neglected beyond what your expectations are.
  • Offer study help. Quiz them with flashcards, offer to be let them practice a physical exam with you as their patient.

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