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Your son or daughter has worked so hard to get here. They have spent countless hours preparing for the MCAT and writing draft after draft of their admission essays. You’ve seen them at their highest and their lowest throughout this journey. You are proud of their accomplishments and are ready to support them in this journey! But how? With student approval, you can receive our monthly newsletter to keep up with what students are working on throughout the year. Some students prefer to separate their medical school journey from their family life. That’s OK! If that is the case, we ask that you respect those boundaries. All you can do is to be supportive and available when they do need your involvement.

  • Respect their boundaries. Be as involved or not involved in their medical school journey as they are comfortable. Some students need family support and other students prefer other support networks. Invite them to family gatherings but be understanding if they are unable to attend as often as you would like.
  • Ask how they are doing and offer words of encouragement. Listen, without judgment, and offer emotional support. A call or text can go a long way during exam time.
  • Remind them to be patient. Students will need to adjust to a new style of learning and study; feeling frustrated as they find their groove is normal.
  • Become involved in their journey by asking questions about what they are learning; choose your moment wisely.
  • Encourage them to do things they love but also venture into new territory. Students should not lose sight of who they are outside of medical school but it is recommended that they be open to new activities and interests in and outside of medical school. Expanding their mind to new experiences helps develop a global mindset.
  • Encourage them to find meaning in every experience. Reflection is a powerful tool that helps shape their professional identity.
  • Check-in with them regarding their finances. Expenses related to medical school add up. Consider gift cards or help with responsibilities they may not have time for.