Long School of Medicine

Sekinat McCormick, MD

Admissions Committee

Undergraduate Medication Education

My Role with Students and Residents at Long School of Medicine

I am an attending orthopedic surgeon. I work with both students and residents in the clinic and the operating room teaching orthopaedics and guiding them on how to operate. In addition to this, I am a part of the Office for Inclusion and Diversity. In this role, I work with students and residents to improve our diversity at Long and also to ensure we are growing our space to be more inclusive of all. I am passionate about ensuring that our learners understand how to maintain a focus of health equity in all of their patient interactions as we all know that inclusion and health equity is the way of the future.

Three Fun Facts About Me

1. I am native Houstonian, but none of my preferred sports teams are any of the Houston teams!! (Go Spurs GO!!)

2. I am learning the violin with my elementary aged children

3. I am not an animal person, at all! But, our American Staffordshire Terrier rescue has absolutely stolen my heart! He has been with us since November 2017 and I can't imagine our home without him.       

Undergraduate Education

Howard University

Medical School Education

Howard University College of Medicine

Residency, Fellowship, and/or Other Degrees

SUNY Downstate - Internship; Howard University Hospital Department of Orthopedic Surgery - Residency

St. Louis Children's Hospital/St. Louis Shriner's Hospital for Children - Fellowship