Long School of Medicine

Forum Theater

Faculty acting out a theater performance

The Department of Medical Education in collaboration with the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics and Trinity University offer opportunities for unique educational experiences exploring more challenging topics such as Trauma Informed Care, Cultural Humility, Learner mistreatment. The unique modality of Forum Theater allows us to present scenarios to participants, who subsequently can act in the play to alter the outcome of the scenario. The participants are called "Spect-Actors". This type of theater was introduced by a Brazilian Drama theorist named Augusto Boal in the early 1970's and used to effect social justice change.

We will wor​k with you to create scenarios tailored to your specific environment.

For more information please contact:
Sylvia Botros-Brey, MD

Community Service Learning

Read about our Forum Theater event held March 3, 2020 in collaboration with Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics and Roberto Prestigiacomo, MFA from Trinity University in the San Antonio Express News​.