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PA Admissions Statistics Class of 2026 Snapshot 

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Master of Physician Assistant Studies

PA Admissions Statistics

Please note that the data shared below represent the range of our incoming class, it does not determine one's success as a PA applicant. As mentioned on other portions of the website, each applicant is reviewed and evaluated individually.


Applicants Statistics

Total applications received 1396
Total interviewed 208
Matriculated Students 57
Average overall GPA 3.79 (range 3.27 - 4.00)
Average overall Science GPA 3.76 (range 3.31 - 4.00)
Average healthcare hours 1991 (range 0 to 11280)
Average PA shadowing hours186 (range 0 to 4480)
Average Community Service hours 457 (range 0 to 2806)
Core Faculty 10