School of Health Professions

Clinical Experience

Master of Physician Assistant Studies

The clinical practicum is a vital part of the Physician Assistant student’s education. During this time, the student transitions from lectures and laboratories to working within the clinical setting. Our students receive training in all disciplines. This allows our students to see what interests them through real-life experience. We offer students the chance to become health care professionals and members of health care teams. 

Our program retains — and continually develops — a sizeable pool of potential sites and preceptors throughout Texas. Prospective and enrolled students are not required or allowed to initiate any contact, provide, solicit, or recruit clinical preceptors or clinical sites.  Students may suggest clinical sites or preceptors to the clinical coordinators who will then contact, evaluate, and approve for educational program suitability.

Students are required to travel during the clinical phase of training. Students can expect several stimulating and instructive experiences during the second part of their physician assistant training. 

The clinical practicum phase consists of 15 Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences including:

  • Nine required rotations in Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences designed to provide a broad foundation for clinical practice in the primary care setting.
Internal Medicine

One rotation

Family Medicine One rotation
Primary Care One rotation
Emergency Medicine One rotation
Pediatrics One rotation
Inpatient Care One rotation
Women's Health One rotation
General Surgery One rotation
Behavioral Medicine One rotation


  • Five elective rotations, which are selected by the student
  • One Supervised Clinical Research Experience


The electives may be selected from the core care areas above or any other available medical specialty based on student interest or academic need. Assignments are subject to site of Preceptor or availability. Elective Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences may include:

Infectious Disease
Pulmonary Medicine
Cardiovascular Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Plastic Surgery
ENT - Otolaryngology