School of Health Professions

Master of Physician Assistant Studies


  • Overall GPA 3.0
  • Overall Science GPA 3.0
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Application deadline

Two separate applications; (1) CASPA application and (2) the PAS Supplemental Application are required.  Both must be submitted through the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA).

  • The CASPA application, the PAS Supplemental Application, official transcripts, two reference letters, all other supporting documents (including academic updates), and fees must be submitted and your CASPA status must be listed as completed by the specified CASPA application deadline.
  • Prior-year applicants must submit a new application and are not guaranteed an interview or admission into the program.  Questions about re-application should be directed to the School of Health Professions' Office of Admissions and Special Programs and/or CASPA.

Altus Suite - admissions assessments of non-cognitive skills

All applicants are required to complete Altus Suite as part of the application to be eligible for the current admissions cycle.

Altus Suite consists of a two-part online assessment of non-cognitive skills, interpersonal characteristics, and personal values and priorities that we believe are important for successful students and graduates of our program. 

  • Casper: a 60-90 minute online situational judgment test (SJT)

You will register for Altus Suite for the US Professional Health Sciences test (CSP-10101). After completion, ensure you have selected UT Health at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) for distribution before the posted Distribution Deadline. Results must be received by the admissions committee by the application deadline.   

Access to create an account and for more information on important dates and requirements, and the Altus Suite assessments.

Admissions process

After reviewing eligible applications, the Admissions Committee invites select applicants to visit the campus for in-person multiple mini interviews.  After the interviews, the Admissions Committee conducts a final review and will notify candidates of its final decisions.

Admission and enrollment practices that favor specified individuals or groups

As part of the Health Science Center PA program's holistic process, all applicants are categorized based on multiple performances and experience-based data points; these include overall GPA, science GPA, hours of community service, hours of health care experience, hours of PA shadowing, history of military service or an affiliation with a medically underserved region.  While none of these items, individually or in combination, guarantee selection, they have the capacity to augment the applicant’s overall submission. 

Campus Location:  The PA program will be offered on the main campus at UT Health San Antonio and at The University of Texas Education and Research Center at Laredo in Laredo, Texas.  All applicants are asked to select their campus location preference upon submission of their CASPA application as either “San Antonio”, “Laredo”, or “either campus”.  Priority for the Laredo campus will be given to applicants from Laredo who qualify through the normal admissions process and those who choose the Laredo campus in CASPA. The Laredo campus provides a unique learning opportunity for individuals demonstrating a predisposition towards aiding and supporting a medically underserved population.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) official scores up to five years old (no minimum score requirement). GRE code for CASPA 7552.
  • Shadow hours (PA, MD, DO, and NP), hands-on patient care experience, and community service hours are strongly recommended and may enhance the application, but not required. 
  • Two reference letters - submit directly to CASPA
  • Candidates for this program must be able to meet these minimum Technical Standards, with or without reasonable accommodation 
  • A grade of C or better in the individual prerequisite classes (a C- will not fulfill a prerequisite)

All prerequisite courses must be completed by the application deadline. 

Application and Fee

Required Semester Hours Subject TCCNS Course
4 Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab* BIOL 2401
4 Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab* BIOL 2402
4 General Chemistry I with lab CHEM 1411
4 General Chemistry II with lab CHEM 1412
4 Microbiology with lab BIOL 2421
4 Organic Chemistry I with lab CHEM 2423
3 Genetics BIOL 2316
3 Psychology – Introductory, General, Abnormal or Developmental PSYC 2301
3 Statistics – any discipline-specific course is acceptable MATH 1342

Coursework Notes

* Human Anatomy with Lab (4 SCH) and Human Physiology (4 SCH) sequence also meets the Anatomy and Physiology requirements. 

*All science courses MUST be intended for science majors ONLY.

No online courses will be accepted to fulfill science prerequisites. 

All required courses MUST BE completed within ten years of class matriculation. 

No Credit by Exam or AP credit can be used to fulfill any prerequisite coursework. 

Check course equivalencies for Texas institutions using the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) 


Official transcripts from each college/university currently and previously attended reflecting completed and in progress coursework - submit directly to CASPA (Do not send transcripts to the Health Science Center)

Transcripts from institutions outside the United States must be submitted in the original language and must be accompanied by a  NACES Members evaluation agency English translation for each course.

International Applicants

Submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores; minimum scores 560 (paper) or 68 (Internet).

Program Information

Find more information on the Master of Physician Assistant Studies program on the UT Health San Antonio Catalog

Student employment while enrolled in the Physician Assistant Studies program 

Prior-year applicants must submit a new application and are not guaranteed an interview or admission into the program.  Questions about re-application should be directed to the School of Health Professions' Office of Admissions and Special Programs and/or CASPA.

COVID-19 Vaccinations MAY be required by Clinical Affiliates

Future Prerequisite/Admission Changes

No changes for the 2022- 2023 application cycle.