School of Health Professions


What are the requirements to enter the Physician Assistant Studies program?

Please see our full list of requirements for details.

When must prerequisites be completed?

All prerequisites must be completed by the application deadline with a grade of C or better. No prerequisites can be “in progress” after the application deadline. No exceptions.

Does it matter if I take my prerequisite courses at a two-year college instead of a four-year university?

The GPA is calculated the same way, whether it was taken at a community college or a four-year university.

No preference is given to courses taken at either institution. We understand the cost of education and want you to have as many options as possible in obtaining the prerequisite courses required for our programs. Please note that some required courses may not be offered at two-year colleges due to the academic level of the curriculum.

Can I have courses in progress when I apply?

Yes, you may have courses in-progress until May of the year of program entry as long as they are not required prerequisites. Your non-prerequisite coursework such as a missing course to complete your bachelor’s degree (for example) is allowed to be in-progress at the time of your application. The completion of your bachelor’s degree is required by May of the year of program entry.

Does it matter what my undergraduate degree is in?

The subject matter your undergraduate studies do not play a role in the admissions process. We encourage students to pursue an academic degree which is of their interest.

How can I find out if the prerequisite courses I took at my college/university meet the required prerequisites?

Please refer to the Prerequisite Equivalency Chart for Physician Assistant Studies for additional information. If you have additional questions for a course, it is best to email us at and include: Name, contact information, program of interest, prerequisite you have a question regarding, course name, number, institution and credit hours (semester). If you have additional needs, please contact the School of Health Professions Office of Admissions and Special Programs and make an appointment to have an advisor evaluate your course work.  

Is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) required?

Yes. The Graduate Record Examination is required as part of the application. There is no minimum GRE score required for admission. Official scores from the GRE must be received by the application deadline. Applicants may choose to submit scores from a previous examination if it was taken within the past five years. Please note that all PA applications are assessed from a holistic evaluation, not just by your standardized score.

In order for my GRE scores to be sent to the Physician Assistant Studies Program at UT Health San Antonio, what is the GRE code?

The institutional GRE code is 7552.

How does the program calculate GPA for admission requirements?

We calculate two GPA’s - your overall GPA of every college/university course ever taken and your overall science GPA (which includes all science coursework in your GPA calculation).

If I retake a course, how does this affect my GPA?

  • If an applicant re-takes a science course, both the low score and the high score are used in calculating the overall science GPA.
  • If an applicant re-takes any other course (a non-science course) both the low score and high score are used in calculating the overall GPA. Usually re-taking one or two courses makes little difference in the overall GPA calculation.
  • We encourage all students to know where they stand regarding their GPA for planning and goal-setting purposes. Please utilize the unofficial GPA calculator tool on our website (coming soon) to assist you with your projected GPA calculations. All official GPA calculations will take place after you have officially applied to the UT Health San Antonio Physician Assistant Studies program.

I’ve reviewed all admission prerequisites and requirements but don’t quite meet all of them. What are my options?

We encourage you to continue to work toward the entrance to the program of your choice but, the School of Health Professions has many other programs that may fit your career and educational goals.

If you are interested in working directly with patients, our Master of Science in Respiratory Care program may be for you. This two-year master’s program will prepare you for a career in one of the fastest-growing health care careers in the country. Graduates work in ICUs, emergency rooms, home health and as pediatric flight team members.

If you are interested in the research and science behind medical diagnostics and treatment, our Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences program may be for you. This two-year master’s program will prepare you work as a medical laboratory scientist in a variety of settings including hospitals and research labs. As a medical laboratory scientist, your work affects up to 70 percent of all major patient care-related decisions.