Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

About the Program

South Texas Medical Scientist Training Program

The STX-MSTP is an NIH-designated Medical Scientist Training Program (dual degree MD/PhD Program). The goals of the MSTP are to support the training of a diverse group of physician-scientists who will:

  • Provide the highest level of clinical care.
  • Conduct innovative and translational biomedical research.
  • Function as clinical and scientific leaders addressing the growing health disparities of America.
  • Practice inclusive, safe, and rigorous mentorship in research and medical training environments

Our program works in conjunction with the Long School of Medicine for medical school and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences for graduate school. 

Program Timeline

Our program provides integrated training focused on developing physician-scientists, however, there are distinctly clinical and research-oriented parts of the program as well. For a more detailed look at the breakdown, please see the figure below. 

Graduate School/Research-oriented and Medical School/Clinically-oriented timelines



The STX-MSTP covers the following expenses for a student's duration in the program:

  • Annual stipend of $35,000
  • Tuition and fees for both Medical and Graduate School
  • Health insurance
  • Required materials and tests (I.e. USMLE)

Program Demographics 

DemographicOur Students
#1 most diverse MSTP for race/ethnicity30%
Underrepresented* 55%
Married / have children 23% / 15%
From Out of State55%

Program Outcomes

Step 1 Median: 245 (national mean ~230)NIH NRSAs: ~30% of students; Top 5 MSTP by F30s
Match: > 95% Match First Choice86% of students earned individual grants
Residency Match: View AlumniTop 4 MSTP by individual grants
Academic Faculty Positions: 47% Mean Manuscripts: 4.7

Mean Time to Graduation: 7.97 Years