UT Health Physicians

Inpatient and Outpatient Supportive Care

A person of any age and at any point during a serious illness may be referred for palliative care. Supportive care is specialized health care for improving the quality life of patients, their family, and their caregivers. It can also be provided in addition to treatments for curing the illness.

Our board-certified specialists provide expert supportive care in an inpatient facility setting as well as in an outpatient clinical setting.

Inpatient Supportive care

One of our supportive care physicians is on call 24 hours a day, every day at our location within the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - Medical Center. One of our board-certified physicians thoroughly evaluates all new patients and each patient remains under daily evaluation by our specialists. Patients with more complex needs may need more frequent evaluation.

We regularly conduct family meetings to share new information, concerns, clarify treatment and care goals, discuss diagnosis and prognosis as well as provide any other updates for the patient, family, and caregivers. These meetings ensure everyone receives consistent information and helps identify any areas of confusion. Family meetings improve communication between the patient, family and the supportive care team.

Outpatient Supportive care

UT Health outpatient supportive care service is offered at the Geriatrics and Supportive Care practice and is for patients who require additional treatment to manage pain and other symptoms. Many of our patients have been recently discharged from a hospital or supportive care facility, and some are cancer survivors from the UT Health San Antonio Cancer Center and other cancer centers.

For information on any of our palliative care services, please call 210-450-9890.