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Geriatrics and Supportive Care

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Physicians and care providers at UT Health are experts in coordinating the health needs for older adults and those with multiple health conditions. We are dedicated to prioritizing our patient's health care to help them achieve optimal wellness.

Our geriatricians and geriatric nurse practitioners focus on senior health, including their physical health, mental health and the ability to function in everyday activities. We provide the primary health care all adults need as well as all the health care services seniors require. Some of these specialized needs include memory care, hearing and vision health, arthritis treatment, incontinence treatment and the management of multiple chronic conditions.

We provide care in our senior-friendly office setting, at our ACE and Palliative Care Hospital and at long-term care and rehabilitative care facilities.

Generally, our patients are 65 years of age and older. However, any adult who suffers from any of the following medical problems should consult with a geriatrician:

  • Decline in being able to function independently
  • Repeated falls
  • Older adults with a disability or illness, even in the early stages
  • Older adults with complex medical and social problems
  • Caregiver issues
  • Dementia or memory loss
  • Confusion

Many aging patients report trouble finding doctors who take the time to fully understand their health concerns. Also, they or their caretakers have difficulty keeping track of the many different specialists, medications and health programs in which the patient is enrolled - with no single doctor looking at their overall health. We are here to help. We work with our patient, their family, caregivers and their other medical providers to maintain an accurate record of our patient’s overall health.

We are a NCQA-rated Patient-Centered Medical Home, which is more assurance that you have made the right decision in making the physician's practice of UT Health San Antonio your medical home. Read more about Patient-Centered Medical Homes and the NCQA.

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