Long School of Medicine

Mental Health Month - May 2023

Part of creating a mentally healthy medical
school experiences comes from 
Stability, Relationships, Balance, and Purpose.

Learn how to prioritize your mental health as a medical student.
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Stability: At the very core of well-being at work is the idea that everyone is safe from harm and fear.

Protect STABILITY by:

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Relationships: We’re all social creatures, and our sense of community at work is a critical component of working well together.


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Balance: Everyone is balancing life and work. Having a sense of control over our time and energy makes everything more enjoyable

Tap into BALANCE by:

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Purpose: When medical students feel like they have a purpose, they feel their best, and they are able to connect with their goals, values, and vision.

Tap into PURPOSE by:


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Regain Focus by clicking on the boxes below to try some quick breathing exercises. 

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