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What Makes Long School of Medicine So Special?


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    Our mission is a vital part of us, to create and sustain a spirit of diversity and inclusion by fostering an environment of cultural competency, sensitivity, and awareness. We celebrate distinctive perspectives and the uniqueness of each individual. This culture of acceptance and collaboration enriches the learning environment for all. As you embark upon the life-changing undertaking of becoming a physician, ponder this... it is through the affirmation of one another's experiences that we become better suited to understand each other and to achieve a greater capacity to impact the world around us.

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    • Class Size: 220
    • MCAT: 517.6
    • Overall GPA: 3.87
    • Science GPA: 3.84
    • UIM: 28%
    • M.D./Ph.D. Students: 6
    • Non-Science Majors: 65
    • Master's Degrees: 10
    • Ages 19-35; Average 22.7
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    Life at Long School of Medicine

    San Antonio is known the world over for its vibrant culture, laid back atmosphere and welcoming people. The city’s unique character provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop for the ambiance at the Long School of Medicine. You’re in the heart of the South Texas Medical Center where hundreds of thousands of individuals come each year to heal. Where thousands of physicians work tirelessly to develop new treatments, conduct new research, and make you better. Where research, technology, and healthcare find a common center.

    Training the future of healthcare

    free clinics collaboration between students and faculty

    Student-Faculty Collaborative Free Clinics

    COVID-19 Updates

    We know you have many questions about the admissions process during this unique time, and many of you have already had additional challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will update this information periodically, so check back from time to time. Most of all, stay well, stay focused on your goals and we will help!

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    Looking for ways to continue your pre-med path during this challenging time?

    If you have unique questions, please email us at longsom@uthscsa.edu, and we will provide answers whenever possible.