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The Science of Nurturing Our Children

Holly Wayment, Physician Relations Spec - Sr Marketing, Comm & Media

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Host Holly Wayment, Physician Relations Specialist Sr., talks to leading pediatric experts in the field.

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Join Host and author Holly Wayment in a conversation with Dr. Alice Gong, a pediatrician with 40 years of experience and president of the Texas Pediatric Society. Our podcast discussion delves deep into the topic of early relational health: exploring how it affects a child’s entire life. Dr. Gong shares her experiences and insights as a doctor, grandmother, and advocate for nurturing children’s growth and development within a secure, stable, and fostering environment.

Dr. Gong emphasizes that meaningful, early relationships play a crucial role in brain development for children, and affect their abilities to learn, explore, and integrate within societal confines. She talks about how strong, caring bonds prevent behavioral issues such as tantrums, and stresses the importance of understanding and responding to a child's needs, reinforcing secure attachment.

Reflecting on the earliest signs of Autism, Dr. Gong emphasizes the importance of eye contact with newborn babies as a medium of communication. She provides an intimate account of her initial experiences as a mother and the impact of this discovery on her own parenting approach. Dr. Gong encourages parents to follow nature’s design, nurturing and responding to a baby’s needs for accomplishing optimal regulation of the autonomic nervous system, critical for healthy physiological functions in humans.

Bringing social issues into focus, Dr. Gong reflects on the need for maternity leave policies that facilitate a mother’s ample time with their newborns. She highlights the potential concerns of ignoring a child’s demands, understating the importance of an essential early relationship in the child’s mental health. Relating to the common parental practice of “time-outs”, Dr. Gong suggests healthier alternatives to calm your child that can foster a positive parent-child relationship.

Exploring the controversial topic of corporal punishment, Dr. Gong discusses its possible impact on a child’s emotional development. She encourages open conversations about feelings between parents and children, cultivating empathy in children and promoting non-violence.

In conclusion, Dr. Gong urges parents to allow children to express their full range of emotions and supports them in all situations.

Join us in this insightful podcast to understand early relational health, and gather valuable advice to ensure good mental health and healthy relationships for your children.