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Improving Relational Health with Your Child

Holly Wayment, Physician Relations Spec - Sr Marketing, Comm & Media

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Join host Holly Wayment for an enlightening conversation with veteran pediatrician, Dr. Alice Gong, in the episode titled 'Raising Compassionate Children: A Pediatrician's Perspective'. In her 40 years of experience and having roles as a doctor, mother, grandmother, and the president of the Texas Pediatric Society, Dr. Gong shares invaluable insights on fostering early relational health for children.

In this enriching episode, Dr. Gong emphasizes the importance of creating a nurturing environment for newborns, where parents convey love, understanding, and guidance. She encourages parents to express all their emotions freely with their children, thus teaching them to handle various emotions and become compassionate beings.

The conversation also highlights the significance of establishing a strong connection with your child to substantially influence their brain development. The doctor's firm belief is that effective parental engagement during the early years can stave off developmental and mental health issues in the future.

Further, the discussion also brings forth the pressing need for paid maternity leaves, the impact of societal strains on parenting, and the importance of open emotional conversations. Dr. Gong's therapeutic advice to parents about sharing their range of emotions undoubtedly creates a robust emotional support system for children.

Stay tuned for the upcoming episode where the pros and cons of spanking and timeouts are deliberated. Parenting is an intricate balance of challenges and rewards, and this podcast aims to provide the support every parent needs in their journey.

Enjoy this enlightening conversation with Dr. Alice Gong and discover how to prepare your children for the world while nurturing their emotional intelligence. This episode of 'Pediatrics Now for Parents' is must-listen content for every parent or parent-to-be.