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Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Course Projects

The Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Course projects are presented here under the Institute of Medicine's Six Aims of Quality Health Care. An additional category for Financial Operations is included.

  • Safe: Care should be as safe for patients in health care facilities.
  • Effective: The science and evidence behind health care should be applied and serve as the standard in the delivery of care.
  • Efficient: Care and service should be cost-effective, and waste should be removed from the system.
  • Timely: Patients should experience no waits or delays in receiving care and service.
  • Patient-centered: The system of care should revolve around the patient, respect patient preferences, and put the patient in control.
  • Equitable: Unequal treatment should be a fact of the past; disparities in care should be eradicated.
  • Financial Operations: Cost recovery or billing process improvement.

Projects may be in multiple categories if the aim of the project aligns with more than one IOM Aim

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