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Bug Bites and Stings: Part 1: Expert Tips from Dr. Tess Barton

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In this episode of Pediatrics Now, host Holly Wayment welcomes back Dr. Tess Barton, a pediatric infectious disease expert at University Hospital and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, to discuss the common bug bites parents might encounter during the summer. Dr. Barton explains how to distinguish between mosquito and bedbug bites, the signs of a bedbug infestation, and effective treatment options for bug bites.

Dr. Barton shares practical advice on preventing bedbug infestations, including how to inspect hotel rooms and manage infested items. She also covers the dangers of mosquito bites, the effectiveness of various repellents, and the importance of preventing mosquito-borne diseases.

Listeners will learn about other common biting insects, such as fleas, chiggers, and scorpions, and how to identify and treat their bites. Dr. Barton emphasizes the importance of flea control to prevent diseases like murine typhus, which is prevalent in San Antonio.

Tune in for expert insights and tips on keeping your family safe from summer pests.