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A Concussion Crash Course for Parents

Holly Wayment, Physician Relations Spec - Sr Marketing, Comm & Media

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Host Holly Wayment, Physician Relations Specialist Sr., talks to leading pediatric experts in the field.

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Welcome to “Pediatrics Now”. In this podcast episode, Host Holly Wayment talks to Dr. Kenneth Nwosa, a renowned sports medicine specialist and head doctor for UTSA athletics. Our discussion revolves around the widely-unacknowledged issue of sports-related concussions, extending beyond contact sports like football, to include cheerleading and soccer, unveiling the real threat of these injuries to athletes.

Underscoring the immediate need for effective protocols, we delve into the consequences, prevention measures and recovery strategies for sports-induced concussions. We signal the key signs indicating severe conditions like potential brain bleed or spinal cord injury, emphasizing on the need for an athletic trainer on site for immediate evaluation and treatment.

Culminating with a talk about “Heads Up”, a CDC initiative aimed at educating parents, coaches, and athletes about prevention and management of concussions, we stress the urgency of this issue and the crucial responsibility of schools, universities, and sports organizations in ensuring the safety of their athletes.

Our guest, Dr. Ken Nwosa, offers expert insights into the far-reaching implications of concussions on an athletes' career, and underlines the growing focus on educating and staffing at sports events. While sharing his concerns on pressures faced by young athletes, he fosters the importance of enjoyment, various physical activities and valuable education.

In a blend of personal anecdotes and professional wisdom, Dr. Nwosa connects athletic discipline to life's focus and energy, inspiring athletes to remember to enjoy the game and prioritize education. Explore this enlightening episode to understand the evolving perceptions of sports-related concussions and their impact on healthcare.