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Scott G. Stafford, DDS, MBA, FICD

Scott G. Stafford, DDS, MBA, FICD

Comprehensive Dentistry Interim Chair

The Department of Comprehensive Dentistry is made up of three divisions – Pre-doctoral, Research, and Advanced Education and Outreach. The largest department in the School of Dentistry, it is comprised of over 150 faculty and staff responsible for accomplishing the departmental missions of teaching, research, patient care and service. The Department of Comprehensive Dentistry has a major commitment to the teaching of dental students both at the preclinical and clinical levels.

The Advanced Education and Outreach divisions conduct state of the art dynamic advanced education programs in general dentistry, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial radiology and public health. In the research division, department scientists conduct world class research studying a wide variety of oral and systemic conditions that continue to promote novel discoveries.

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Scott G. Stafford, DDS, MBA, FICD, Interim Chair
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