School of Dentistry


  • Nasser Barghi Esthetic Dentistry Endowment
  • Robert A. Dale, D.D.S. Endowment for General Dentistry

    Dr. Bob Dale was a distinguished faculty member at UT Health San Antonio's dental school. When he died in 2004, family and friends raised funds in his memory to benefit a scholarship within the school. He is remembered for his dedication to the dental profession and to the students that he mentored during his time as professor. This endowed memorial scholarship supports UT Dentistry predoctoral students.

  • Roland M. Meffert, D.D.S.Endowment in Implant Dentistry
  • Thomas P. Nowlin D.D.S. Professorship in Operative Dentistry
  • Vincent A. and Millie M. Segreto Endowment for Oral Medicine
  • James B. Summitt Endowment for Restorative Dentistry
  • James P. Vernetti Endowment

    Dr. James P. Vernetti was an internationally recognized dentist, teacher, and community leader. Dr. Vernetti came to UT Health San Antonio dental school in 1975 as one of the first faculty members. He was here for 4 years, and in that time, had a great impact on the students. He was named Most Outstanding Professor by the Dental School Body in 1979. Dr. Vernetti wanted his students to excel in all they did. He said that, "To do something well is true enjoyment. Striving for perfection, especially in Dentistry, will produce superb results and create happiness for the receiver and giver. The recipe for contentment in dentistry is embodied in one word – excellence.”

    Support the James P. Vernetti Award for Excellence in Operative Dentistry to deserving students directed by the Restorative Dentistry program director in collaboration with the Dental School dean. The award selection criteria shall be the responsibility of the Dental School based upon the interest of the institution and the students. The award may be made to more than one student in instances where it is deemed appropriate.

  • John and Barbara Vondrak Clinical Dentistry Professorship