Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences


PREP scholars will spend approximately 75% of the time in the research laboratory, and the rest of their time will be filled with courses and program activities.

The following graduate core courses, with tuition and fees paid by the PREP program, will enhance the academic backgrounds of PREP scholars:

  • INTD 6037: Analytical Methods in Biomedical Research: This course will introduce students to fundamental methodologies used to analyze cells and biomolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins. Principles, procedures, advantages and limitations of routinely used as well as novel state-of-the-art methodologies will be discussed.
  • INTD 6038: Biomedical Fundamentals: This course covers diverse topics in molecular and cell biology as well as immunology including innate and adaptive immunity, cell signaling, protein trafficking, cell adaptation and cell death and cancer and incorporates a journal club. Students discuss and present articles as well as their research projects.
  • TSCI 5070: Responsible Conduct of Research: This course introduces students to core ethical content necessary for responsible research conduct. Through interactive seminars, students will learn about (1) scientists as responsible members of society (contemporary ethical issues in biomedical research and environmental/social impacts of research), (2) policies for research with human subjects and vertebrate animals, (3) collaborative research, (4) conflicts of interest (personal, professional, financial), (5) data acquisition and laboratory tools (management, sharing, ownership), (6) responsible authorship and publication, (7) mentor/trainee responsibilities and relationships, (8) peer review (9) research misconduct (forms of misconduct and management policies) (10) informed consent, privacy regulations, good clinical practice, and special populations in clinical investigations.

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Summer Fall Spring
Orientation Research Wrap-up Research project
Develop Individual Development Plan INTD 6037 Present research project at symposium and local/national conferences
INTD 6038 Community outreach activities
TSCI 5070 Grant Writing
Prepare & submit applications to graduate schools; prepare for mock interview sessions
Prepare & present research at local/national conferences
Community outreach activities

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All three semesters (Summer, Fall, and Spring)
Attend research seminars, presentations by current graduate students & IMSD retreat
Weekly Program meetings & individual meetings with program director
Workshops & Professional Development Activities