Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Master of Science in Medical Health Physics Career Paths

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is proud to partner with the Texas Higher Education Board in helping students develop and build on skills employers value and seek out in job candidates.

Master of Science in Radiological Science – Medical Health Physics Marketable Skills:

1. Analyzing data and information
2. Complex problem solving
3. Critical thinking
4. Decision making
5. Developing objectives and strategies
6. Evaluating information to determine compliance with standards
7. Oral comprehension and expression
8. Problem awareness
9. Professional collaboration
10. Quality control analysis
11. Systems evaluation and analysis
12. Time management and organization skills
13. Troubleshooting

Graduates trained in medical physics enjoy a wide variety of employment opportunities, including academic, research and clinical paths.

M.S. Program graduates are well prepared for:

  • A career as a radiation safety officer in an academic, research, and/or clinical environment.
  • A career as a qualified medical physicist in a clinical environment following completion of a medical physics residency.
  • A career as a professional medical physicist in a clinical-support industry.
  • A career as a professional medical physicist in a clinical-support research laboratory.
  • Further research training in a Ph.D. in Radiological Sciences-Medical Physics program.

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