UT Health San Antonio

Campus Status

Campus Operations: Normal

UT Police actively enforcing the university's identification badge policy. Employees and students are required to wear their badge at all times while on campus.

IT Operations: Normal

Emergency Information Outlets

HSC Alert

HSC Alert is the text and email notification system for emergencies and campus closures at UT Health San Antonio. You automatically receive HSC Alert messages through your uthscsa.edu email account.

Campus Awareness Requires Everyone

The Campus Awareness Requires Everyone (C.A.R.E) website offers recommendations, resources, and training to help prevent campus emergencies involving disturbed behavior.

Emergency Preparedness Guide

The Police Department's Emergency Preparedness Guidebook provides information about procedures to take in cases of on-campus crime or emergencies.

Emergency Response and Evacuation Plan

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety emergency response and evacuation plan shows emergency exits in campus buildings, and lists procedures for emergency response.

Hurricane Preparedness

The National Hurricane Center describes how to prepare for the hazards of a hurricane in it's hurricane preparedness manual.

National Terrorism Advisory System

The Department of Homeland Security posts any current or expired alerts using the National Terrorism Advisory System.

Texas Department of Transportation

The Texas Department of Transportation, or TxDOT, provides roadway and travel information around-the-clock, and reports on road closures in times of emergency.